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Your investment property is one of your biggest assets but managing it properly can take more time than many landlords have available.

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Managing your rental property

Managing rental property - South Star Rentals

It's one of your biggest assets, but your investment property can also be your biggest liability if it's not managed properly.

Day to day tenant management and maintenance can be hard enough but for most landlords, it's the unexpected emergencies that really make it vital to use a property manager.


Matching people to rentals

Managing rental property - South Star Rentals

When you're a landlord, finding a great tenant is vital.

When you're looking for somewhere to rent, you need to know you'll be well looked after. That's why we work hard to match the right people to the right property.

The result: long term tenants who take good care of your property and pay on time.


Getting the right rent

Managing rental property - South Star Rentals

Over 80% of the properties we see managed by private landlords are being rented out for less than the property is worth.

In most cases, choosing us to manage your property means your rental returns go up, your maintenance costs come down and you have a property manager you can rely on to take care of your investment.


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